Trade & Sourcing

Under the license of Hallmark International Sourcing (Pvt.) Limited, we operate in trading, supplying and the import and export of all kinds of goods – whether manufactured, semi-manufactured or raw materials. We act as sales representatives, either on a commission or profit-sharing basis, and handle the outsourcing of all the services involved, from sub-processes to transactions, as permissible by the law

Travel & Tourism

Hallmark is the producer of ITTEX, the International Travel and Tourism Expo. It is a meeting place for businesses in the travel and tourism sector, where the latest trends and technology in the industry are showcased. We aim to help develop the tourism market in Pakistan specifically. Apart from international travel, the exhibition also explores the scope of domestic trips.

Event & Media Services

From international tours with headline gigs featuring chart-top-ping artists to setting up gatherings for high-impact business decisions, we deliver turnkey solutions that shine the spotlight on your show. Hallmark is also the sole producer of GLOFEX, the Global Food Expo, and are the official organisers and licensee of FashionTV in Pakistan.