Dear visitor,

Welcome to Hallmark’s website and portfolio. All that’s showcased here is a testament to my team’s efforts and commitment through every obstacle and success that has come our way.

But I want to deviate from a traditional introduction to our services and focus your attention on more pressing matters. We are living in strange and uncertain times because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought sudden change to everything around us. Now more than ever, we have to come together to find solutions and ease the suffering worldwide.

In that respect, Hallmark – as a company with strong trading and sourcing capabilities – is entirely fueling its efforts in the import and export of essential medical supplies. We are working with international government and health organizations to meet these requirements where there is most need and will continue to do so for as long as we can.

From my team and myself, I want to thank and applaud the frontline workers who are tirelessly working every day through mounting challenges. Know that we are doing our best to support you. I want to instill the hope in you too, reader, that we come out victorious through this season. Let’s work together, think out of the box, pool our talents, skills and resources and fight towards a common goal for a world free of this crisis.


Usman Khan
CEO, Founder, Chairman
Hallmark International Events and Media Services